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Turner’s Feed & Seed is a local family-owned and operated business. We provide the best products, farming information, and customer service to our customers in the Douglasville, Douglas County, Georgia, and surrounding areas. We offer products and services for equine, pets, poultry, livestock, deer, wildlife, birds, garden, general farming and more. We also carry other related products like sun protection products, coolers, farm clothing, boots and more.

Turner’s Feed & Seed is proud to carry only the best products for our customers’ complete shopping satisfaction. We also pride ourselves in employing the finest, most helpful, and friendliest staff possible. Come by our store–or call us today–to speak to one of our experienced store associates. We will help you find what you’re looking for. Please browse our website now to learn more about our store!


equine_red_black3.fwTurner’s Feed & Seed Douglasville farm supply store stocks all that you need to feed, care for, and outfit your horses.

We stock the following well known brands of horse feed: Purina, Triple Crown and Tucker Milling. We carry name brand halters, lead ropes, head stalls, reigns, stirrups, chest plates, martingales, girths, crops, horse blankets, horse sheets, horse boots, saddle blankets, used saddles and more. We offer a wide range of horse health products and accessories including feed buckets, food storage, feed measures, feed troughs, water troughs, stall forks, saddle soap, leather cleaners and toys.

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poultry_button_red_black2.fwTurner’s Feed & Seed has everything you need for the starting, growing or production of healthy game poultry. We stock both Tucker Milling and Southern States Brands to deliver the best solution for your poultry.

We carry many poultry feeds our store range among them Grower/Developer, 5-Way Scratch, Layer Pellets, Super Layer Pellets, Pigeon Grain, Game Bird Layer, Chickstarters, 3-way Scratch, 11-way Scratch, Layer Crumbles, Oyster Shells, Turkey Game Bird Starter, Pheasant Game Bird Starter, Quail Game Bird Starter, chicken wire, Nutritional Supplements, Feeders, Waterers, Incubators, etc.

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cat-and-dog-red-black2.fwTurner’s Feed and Seed offers a great selection of products and supplies for dogs, cats and all other domestic pets. Our dog pet food brands include Diamond, Southern States, Taste of the Wild. We also carry Mazuri for Koi and mini pigs and Purina for rabbits.

For your pets we stock dewormers, vaccines, flea & tick control, nutritional supplements, feeders, waterers, collars, leashes, harnesses, brushes, shampoo, toys, chews, snacks, and more.

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deer_red_black2.fwAt Turner’s Feed & Seed, we stock all your top name brands of deer feed, supplements, minerals and deer attractants which will attract deer and other wildlife to your property and keep them coming back for years.

We also stock many different kinds of bird foods and feeders to attract many bird varieties. Our top quality seeds and mixes including sunflowers, safflowers, nygerseed, cardinal blend, lyric supreme, feeders select. Our bird products in store include Feeders, Meal worms, Hummingbird supplies and Suet cake.

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seeds_red_black2.fwVisit Turner’s Feed & Seed for all your garden and lawn care needs. We also have everything you need to offer your livestock and horses the quality pasture they need to thrive.

We have a fine selection of bulk seed and quality Bonnie plants for seasonal planting. To keep your grass, flowers, plants and vegetables healthy and green, we have a solid line of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and live animal traps. Organic soil, soil amendments and fertilizers are also available at Turner’s.

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farm_button_red_black2.fwTurner’s Feed & Seed stocks all kinds of farm supplies to ensure your farm is productive and your pastures are secured.

We carry horse and livestock fencing, gates, fence posts, cattle wire, horse wire, barbed wire, barbless wire, wire panels, used tractors, new & used farm implements, dog kennels, pasture chemicals and more.

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other_red_black2At Turner’s Feed & Seed, we carry a solid selection of outdoor, household, and farm-related products and goods.

We offer coolers, gun safes, t-shifts, jeans, waterproof boots, lotions, sunscreen bug repellents, outdoor thermometers, etc. We also buy, sell and trade farm toys, old toy trucks and old toy tractors.

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