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Deer Mineral and Salt Supplement Time

Spring is around the corner, and that means it’s just about time to begin another Whitetail DEER season. Not hunting season, but Deer Mineral and Salt Supplement season. Soon we will be checking cameras and monitoring antler growth of our favorite photo subject, ol’ Bucky himself. As quickly as a whitetail buck’s antlers are shed, […]

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Pecan Tree / Fruit Tree Fertilization Time

It’s time to begin fertilization of fruit, pecan, and other nut bearing trees.  Try 10-10-10 Pecan Special with added zinc to properly feed nut trees and prevent rot.  Best application time is mid-February through mid-March, before trees begin to leaf out.  A second app may be necessary at the end of June.  We stock the […]

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Sweet Potato Contest Winner

Congratulations to our 1st Annual Great Sweet Potato contest winner, Mrs. Diane Yancey of Douglasville.  Mrs. Yancey grew a rather large sweet potato and decided it may be worth entering in the contest.  As it turned out, the potato weighed in at 7.59 lbs. and was plenty large enough to win the contest hands down. […]

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