Deer Mineral and Salt Supplement Time

Mineral DisplaySpring is around the corner, and that means it’s just about time to begin another Whitetail DEER season. Not hunting season, but Deer Mineral and Salt Supplement season.
Soon we will be checking cameras and monitoring antler growth of our favorite photo subject, ol’ Bucky himself.
As quickly as a whitetail buck’s antlers are shed, the new antler begins developing, although growth may not be seen for several weeks. The makeup of this new antler is nearly 80% protein and 20% calcium and phosphorus*.
At this time of the year, protein is highest priority in a deer’s diet. Their daily intake should be approximately 16-20% protein. If you’ll be feeding a supplemental deer feed, make sure your protein is near this level. (Remember that on it’s best day, corn only consists of 8-9%.) Bred does will need the same protein for fawn development and nursing once the fawning season arrives (usually from May through July).  We offer Purina Antlermax Watershield and Whitetail Results pelleted feeds.
Calcium and phosphorus are necessary ingredients in bone development. This helps not only antler growth for ol’ Bucky, but skeletal development in unborn fawns as well. The healthier fawns born each year only increases the quality of your herd for years to come.
We have several deer supplements (and tons of salt) available, including Lucky Buck, Whitetail Institute 30.06, Rack Up, and Antlermax Minerals. We also stock the individual ingredients if you prefer to blend your own.

Always feel free to stop by to talk about supplemental deer feeding and the added benefits of salt and mineral licks for your hunting property.  Our staff is made up of avid hunters who love to take the necessary time to help customers with any questions concerning wildlife management.

It’s also time to begin thinking about planting spring and summer food plots.  Check with us beginning in March for pricing and seed availability.



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