Purina Horse Feed

Purina Horse Feed



Whether you feed growing, breeding, show, performance or recreational horses, Purina® Strategy® Professional Formula GX Horse Feed is the one pelleted diet you can count on for a balanced, highly digestible nutrition Purina horse feed for every horse. And thanks to optimal levels of quality protein, vegetable oils, vitamins and minerals, Strategy® horse feed’s nutrient blend offsets common nutritional deficiencies. And now, with an enhanced formulation including improved levels of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, plus the FeedGuard™ Nutrition System, there are more reasons than ever to rely on Strategy® horse feed. Best of all, no supplements are needed and horses love the taste. Click here for complete nutritional information.


Equine Senior

Purina® Equine Senior® Horse Feed is formulated to deliver complete balanced nutrition, including forage, to the aging horse with problems chewing and digesting feed due to older age. The unique Easy Soak™ Pellet Technology makes it easy to chew, and is more digestible than whole grains, hay or pasture. Plus, horses love the taste of Purina horse feed. Special blend of fiber sources including beet pulp & top quality hay helps maintain the senior horse’s body condition & aid in normal digestive function and helps senior horses get the fiber they need when dental problems prevent them from eating forage. Purina horse feed provides more calories from fat, less from sugar provides a diet lower in non-structural carbohydrates and provides 100% of the required vitamins & minerals when fed as directed. Contains a unique blend of molasses & soy oil for a higher fat molasses that horses love to eat. FeedGuard® Nutrition System can help deliver the trust, quality & performance that horse professional demand every day. Click here for complete nutritional information.

Omolene 200

Omolene 200

Purina® Omolene #200® Performance Horse Feed is an excellent source of nutrition for stallions, broodmares,and yearlings that need the additional fortification to meet the demands of breeding and growing. Whether you’re showing, conditioning or just working hard, this sweet feed will help your horse perform at his best. Purina® Omolene #200® Horse Feed contains the Purina® Amplify® Nugget, a patented, high fat, extruded particle that contains a proprietary blend of vegetable oils, flax seed and rice bran for an optimal fatty acid profile. Instead of using straight cane molasses which is high in sugar, Purina® Omolene #200® Horse Feed contains a unique blend of molasses and soy oil for a higher fat molasses that horse love to eat. Click here for complete nutritional information.


Enrich Plus

Enrich Plus® Ration Balancing Feed is a ration balancing feed designed to fill the protein, vitamin and mineral gaps in forage without extra calories. Purina horse feed  is ormulated for mature horses that are able to maintain body condition on hay or pasture alone. Also appropriate for growing horses, stallions and early gestation mares that require concentrated nutrition. Added Vegetable Oils provide for a shinier, healthier hair coat, skin and hooves and B Vitamins help maintain metabolic function. Designed to be fed with hay or pasture, Enrich provides required nutrition without excess calories. It is also Corn-free and Oat-Free for horses with specific sensitivities and provides 100% of the required vitamins and minerals. Click here for complete nutritional information.