Pecan Tree / Fruit Tree Fertilization Time


It’s time to begin fertilization of fruit, pecan, and other nut bearing trees.  Try 10-10-10 Pecan Special with added zinc to properly feed nut trees and prevent rot.  Best application time is mid-February through mid-March, before trees begin to leaf out.  A second app may be necessary at the end of June.  We stock the fertilizer recommended for your trees, whether they are whips or established bearing trees.  Typically this fertilizer is stocked year round, though less inventory is kept in fall months.  Always feel free to call, drop by, or send us an e-mail for additional info.

Typically, standard 10-10-10 fertilizer is used for fruit trees in our area unless your soil is deficient in a particular mineral.  Though the zinc enriched fertilizer may not be necessary for the fruit trees, it will be helpful with the bearing of the new leaves.

We can help when it’s fruit and pecan tree fertilization time!

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